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What is a parasite cleanse, and do you need one?

The term parasite cleanse has started to trend up recently.

New health documentaries and holistic wellness articles claim that parasites could be the cause of some of our biggest problems. 

A lot of natural healthcare companies say that millions of people have parasites (and they don’t even know it). If the thought have having creators living inside your stomach leaves your skin crawling – you’re not alone. 

The parasite detox industry is raking in the cash lately, simply because people are afraid that they might have something growing inside of them. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the creepy crawlies that are apparently messing up their health?

However, while changing your routine and eating healthy can often be a good idea, it’s important to make sure that you’re not buying into natural parasite cleanse claims too quickly. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to parasite cleansing, and whether you need it. 

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What is a parasite cleanse?

A parasite cleanse is a dietary regime that detoxifies the human body. The idea is that you cleanse your body of all toxins, similar to a standard detox. This also clears your system of possible parasitic infections (as long as you’re eating the right foods). 

Unfortunately, natural parasite cleanse routines and diets aren’t scientifically guaranteed. 

While you can have a parasite detox with a doctor and completely clear your system of any dangerous infections, that’s different to using something like an herbal parasite cleanse

To better understand whether you need the best parasite cleanse money can buy, you’ll first need a good idea of what a parasite is. 

Parasitic infections happen when living organisms make their way into your body. These organisms often end up in your gut after you’re exposed to contaminated food or liquids. 

Common examples of parasitic infections in the US include toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidiosis, Giardiasis, and trichomoniasis. 

Another well-known example of a parasite is malaria. This is a very serious form of parasite that kills over 660,000 people every year. Clearly, some parasites are more dangerous than others. 

However, the CDC believes that the number of parasitic infections in the US is growing. Around 60 million people have chronic infections from Toxoplasma Gondii

Around 300,000 people live with an ongoing Trypanosoma Cruzi infection. What’s more, around 1000 people visit the hospital in the US each year for a tape worm infection. 

Could a parasite detox help you?

A parasite cleanse diet or routine promises to rid people of all the symptoms caused by parasitic infections. These symptoms include things like general discomfort, immune system problems, stomach pains, dietary issues, and so on. 

Many companies selling natural parasite cleanse products go as far as saying their customers should do a full cleanse at least a few times a year – even without evidence that they have a parasite. 

However, the truth is that while a parasite cleanse diet might not be bad for you, it’s not necessarily the right treatment either. The only people who need parasitic cleanser are people diagnosed with parasitic infections. 

Start by asking yourself whether you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Stomach pains 
  • Cramps in the abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Fever
  • Gas
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Aches and pains
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • General itching and redness

If those symptoms seem familiar, visit a doctor. A medical professional is the only person capable of ruling out any severe problems. 

If you have a significant infection, or your doctor sees signs of a parasite, then they might need to give you specialist treatment. 

If your doctor thinks that a parasite detox is a good idea, then they can give you advice on how to protect yourself.

How to use a parasite detox safely

Many of the parasite detox supplements and diet choices involve using a lot of herbal remedies and supplements. Herbal products often interact with medical products and may cause your medication to work differently. 

Some of the common ingredients in the best parasite cleanse options for natural remedy enthusiasts include:

  • Anise
  • Black walnut
  • Clove oil
  • Goldenseal
  • Oregano oil
  • Wormwood

Parasite cleansing companies focus on plant-derived products that can calm inflammation in the body and cleanse your system. Many natural products can have a positive impact on the body. For decades, the human race relied exclusivelyon herbs and flowers for good health. 

However, that doesn’t mean a natural parasite cleanse is better than a tailored treatment from your doctor. If you want to use a parasite detox to get rid of your infection faster, your health practitioner might recommend using gentle herbs with minimal side effects. 

Some doctors will also recommend not using an herbal parasite cleanse until after your full course of treatment is complete. 

If you’re taking antibiotics and other products for an infection, natural herbs can sometimes speed up your digestion cycle, and change the way you absorb those products. 

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How does a parasite cleanse diet work?

Since herbal parasitic cleansers and supplements often interfere with medical treatments, your doctor might avoid staying away from powders and pills. However, they may recommend using a parasite cleanse diet to speed up your recovery. 

During a parasite cleanse, it’s crucial to follow a balanced diet that’s low in processed products and refined sugars. High levels of fiber and nutrients are essential. 

That’s because medical parasite cleansers break down dangerous toxins, and fiber helps you move those ingredients out of your body. 

Nutrient-dense diets are also valuable for strengthening the immune system. As the parasites flush from your body, you’ll need to hold onto as many nutrients as possible for nourishment. Natural practitioners in parasite cleansing recommend probiotics and antiparasitic foods

Ingredients like pumpkin seeds, honey, and garlic are all excellent for a parasite detox. If you have certain dietary issues, your practitioner might also recommend sugar-free and grain-free diets too. However, this won’t be necessary for everyone. 

Both doctors and natural parasite cleansing companies recommend avoiding certain foods after a cleanse. This reduces your risk of getting another infection. 

For instance, you should avoid:

  • Non-purified water (particularly when travelling)
  • Ice that you don’t make yourself
  • Swimming or bathing in fresh water
  • Foods prepared by street vendors
  • Undercooked meat or seafood

What does science say about the best parasite cleanse?

Parasitic cleansers do exist, and natural parasite cleanse diets can help them to work faster in some cases. Although there isn’t enough research to prove that an herbal solution to parasites will always be the best option. 

So far, certain studies suggest that probiotic therapy as part of a parasite detox can help to control a parasitic infection. 

Other research says that although natural medicines may be effective, there’s not a lot of biological insight to demonstrate whether a natural parasite cleanse might actually make things worse in the long-term. 

For most people, the best parasite cleanse will be the one recommended by your doctor. This will often involve switching herbal parasite cleanse products with proven medications and treatments. 

However, you might find that your doctor does recommend a parasite cleanse diet to help alleviate symptoms and protect you from future infection. 

To keep yourself and your family safe, make sure you:

  • Always check that an herbal parasite cleanse is safe to use: Not all supplements work well with your current medicine. Taking supplements and parasite cleansing pills could worsen your condition. Get your doctor’s approval first.
  • Consider pre-existing conditions: Some parasite detox and natural cleansing products worsen chronic health conditions and autoimmune diseases. Many cleansing processes are problematic to people with anemia, for instance. 
  • Adapt your diet before anything else: If you do want to add natural elements to your diet to assist with your parasite cleansing, start with diet. Rather than taking supplements and pills, add natural ingredients like honey and garlic to your meals.

Keep your gut happy and healthy

Natural parasitic cleansers show a lot of promise in some studies. However, there’s not enough research to suggest that you can cure an infection without medical treatment yet. 

Don’t assume that a parasite detox that seemed to work for your friend will work from you. Some parasites can die out on their own for unknown reasons. 

On the plus side, if you avoid dangerous parasite cleansing products that ask you to reduce your nutrition intake or take certain supplements, you should be safe. A parasite cleanse diet that eliminates more sugars, and refined products might not kill parasites, but it will make you healthier. 

The more you get the right foods in your system, and reduce your exposure to unhealthy meals, the easier it will be for your immune system to tackle infections with the right treatment. 

If you’re concerned that you might have a parasite, speak to your doctor, then start your dietary changes with medical approval!

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