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Finding a coffee alternative: How to replace your morning coffee

Looking for an alternative to your morning coffee? You’re not alone.

Around 83% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee from time to time, it’s not the best thing to add to your daily routine. 

Research into coffee indicates that drinking too much of this caffeine-rich liquid can lead to everything from anxiety to insomnia, stomach problems, and more. 

So, how do you switch to a coffee alternative without giving up that necessary boost you need to get up and go each morning?

Today, we’re going to cover some of the best alternative options for any self-defined coffee addict. We’ll be looking at activities that can replace your coffee, as well as other drinks to add to your diet. 

Let’s get started… 

How to replace your coffee with the right routine

America spends about $40 billion on coffee every year. However, countless people still list “quitting coffee” as one of their main New Year’s resolutions. 

Whether you’re planning on kicking your coffee addict habits for good, or you just want to cut down on the amount you drink, there are plenty of options. 

In fact, the best coffee alternative might be simply making a few changes to your routine.

For instance:

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1. Work out when you wake up

While jumping head-first into an exercise routine might not sound like the best way to start your day – it’s a brilliant coffee alternative. 

Even if you feel exhausted when you first wake up, getting some exercise will help to improve your mood and ensure that you start the day with fewer feelings of stress

Working out in the morning gives you a boost of energy and endorphins, without the caffeine. 

If you think you’ll have a hard time replacing your morning coffee with exercise, invite a fellow coffee addict to join you in a morning class at the gym or a local health center. 

2. Get outside

If you can’t quite pull yourself around enough to replace your morning coffee with a trip to the gym, just head outside for a few minutes instead. Adding a short walk – even if it’s just around the block – to your routine will help to reduce feelings of fatigue

At the same time, exposing yourself to natural sunlight first thing in the morning helps to get your circadian rhythm on track. 

If it’s not particularly sunny outside, you could always try taking a walk around your living room and switching on an SAD light instead. Fresh air is definitely a better coffee alternative, however. 

3. Fuel your body

Most of us assume that our morning coffee is the best way to fuel up for the day ahead. However, when you start looking for the best coffee alternative, you’ll discover that those roasted beans don’t actually do much for you nutritionally. 

You’ll get a much more consistent dose of energy if you make the most of the best meal of the day – breakfast. 

According to Harvard Health, figuring out how to replace coffee with high-fiber whole-grain foods is a great way to enhance your energy levels. 

You can also look into getting a decent blend of protein and carbohydrates in your body, which take longer to digest than sugar. 

Experiment with different meals and flavors to see what works for you.

4. Drink up

Just because you’re ditching your morning coffee doesn’t mean that you can’t find something suitable to drink. It might be best to keep things simple with just a big glass of water. 

Studies show that even mild levels of dehydration can seriously damage your cognitive abilities and lower your mood. You’re more likely to suffer from issues with concentration if you’re dehydrated

Drink around eight ounces of water as soon as you wake up to refresh your mind and body. If you don’t like plain water much, you can add in lemon, lime or cucumber for some different flavors. Mint is another great option. 

5. Turn on the tunes

Need something to put a spring in your step? No problem. Listening to upbeat music in the morning is an excellent way to give you the motivation you need to get moving. Researchers say that listening to the right music will also improve your mood. 

You can design your own playlist on your smartphone and set them to play at the time when you want to wake up.

Alternatively, invest in a radio alarm clock and tune it to the channel you like most, just in time for you to wake up. 

The best coffee alternative to drink

If you’re hooked on your coffee addict ways, then you might need to think about switching to a different hot brewed beverage. Finding the best tea to replace coffee can make the transition away from excess caffeine a little easier. 

Here are some of our top choices for the best coffee alternative (drink-wise): 

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1. Matcha tea

Matcha tea is probably the best tea to replace coffee if you’re looking for something that’s absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants. 

Matcha is a lot more popular today than it once was, in part because many people are discovering the amazing benefits that this substance has for improving your health, and your immune system. 

Because Matcha contains a unique amino acid called “L-Theanine”, the caffeine buzz that you et from this drink is a lot longer lasting, and much more mellow. 

Matcha tea is also the perfect morning drink if you want to avoid any caffeine jitters. 

2. Yerba Mate

Another excellent alternative to your morning coffee is Yerba Mate – a delicious drink that’s common among top athletes who want to get a competitive edge on the field. 

The Yerba Mate drink is almost as popular as coffee in some parts of Brazil, and it’s made from the dried twigs and leaves of a shrub that comes from the Holly family. 

Yerba Mate doesn’t just taste great – it also makes an ideal coffee alternative because it gives you a massive energy boost too. Many people swear by the impact that Yerba mate has on their mental focus and creativity levels. 

Plus, you also get an added immunity boost as part of the deal. 

3. Turmeric and ginger tea

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the world right now. This trending substance appears everywhere, promising everything from weight loss to improved energy levels. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of turmeric for yourself each morning, try a ginger and turmeric tea. The golden color is sure to make you smile when you wake up, while the warm taste gives you a much-needed boost. 

Depending on your flavor preferences, you could even mix things up with a turmeric latte. Ginger and turmeric tea is excellent for the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

The drink is also a good choice for eliminating back pain

4. Dandelion root coffee

If you’re not interested in finding the best tea to replace coffee, why not just look into a different kind of coffee instead? 

Dandelion root coffee doesn’t give you the same caffeine kick as its more common cousin. However, many people say that it’s excellent for providing your brain and body a boost. 

Dandelion root is also a good choice for reducing blood pressure. 

Made from roasted dandelion root, this coffee tastes similar to the java you usually drink, and it can cleanse your liver too. 

5. Beetroot juice

Finally, switch things up entirely with a juice replacement for your morning coffee. Beetroot juice is brilliant for giving you a massive “nitro boost.” Essentially, this means that the nitric oxide content in beetroot gives you an extra dose of energy and focus. 

You also get a huge amount of antioxidants with your juice too. 

Beetroot juice, like many of the best coffee alternative drinks, can do wonders for your blood pressure and help to cleanse your entire system. 

Ready for a coffee alternative?

The best coffee alternative for your needs will depend on your preferences.

For some people, a change in routine will be the best way to reduce coffee cravings. For others, switching to the best tea might be a good way to eliminate the need for java. 

Whatever you choose, remember that cutting a little extra coffee out of your diet could make a huge difference to your health.

Next time you go reaching for your coffee machine when you wake up, why not treat yourself to something different instead?

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